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Fox & Sheep Apps

Fox & Sheep Apps

Welcome to a world full of adventure,

Creativity and learning with the Fox & Sheep Kids Tablet! With 24 pre-installed apps, our tablet offers an incredible variety of entertainment options that will delight children of all ages.

From interactive learning games that teach the basics of reading, writing and arithmetic, to creative tools that encourage artistic skills, to exciting stories that stimulate the imagination - every child will find the right app for their interests and preferences on our tablet.

Our apps are carefully selected to provide not only fun but also educational value. They are designed with attention to detail and are part of our award-winning content that has already won the trust of parents and educators worldwide.

With the Fox & Sheep Kids Tablet, children can enjoy over 200 hours of gaming fun without having to worry about annoying advertising or data protection.

Our apps can be used offline immediately and offer a safe and worry-free gaming experience for the whole family. Discover the variety of integrated apps and be amazed by the limitless gaming possibilities of the Fox & Sheep Kids Tablet - because for us, fun is our top priority!