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Does your child have difficulty reading and struggle with longer texts? Then increase your child's reading fluency and motivation with the "Little Book Club" reading training. Simultaneous reading and listening to books and audio books has been proven to lead to quick success - just a few minutes a day are enough if your child uses this app regularly.

Study results show: Simultaneous reading and listening to a book and audio book, as in the reading training "Little Book Club", can greatly improve reading fluency within a short period of time. Not just for children who have difficulty reading: with our app, every child can be supported and improve their reading fluency. Without frustration and with quick success - recommended by educators!


  • Simple and child-friendly handling
  • Lovingly illustrated children's books
  • Reading aloud function and reading-learning aid
  • Promotes language, listening and reading skills
  • Promotes reading fluency, reading motivation and text comprehension
  • Ideal for use from 1st and 2nd grade