Discover the world of learning and imagination with the Fox & Sheep Kids tablet 💜
Type: App
With our new app “Audio Adventure”, children aged 5 and up can easily and intuitively produce their own radio plays . Children think up the most imaginative and beautiful stories themselves! We want to give them the opportunity to turn these stories into little radio play adventures that they can work on and listen to alone or with their friends .

You can record your own voice, noises or music with the microphone and search through the sound library for suitable sounds. There are various sound tracks that can be placed on top of each other and moved. The individual sound sequences can be cut and moved . The operation remains very clear and intuitive .


  • Simple and child-friendly handling
  • Promotes language, hearing and listening skills
  • Large sound library
  • No in-app purchases
  • No internet connection required
  • Can be used in flight mode