Discover the world of learning and imagination with the Fox & Sheep Kids tablet 💜
Type: App
In the coloring book app "Coloring with Fox and Sheep," children can let off steam creatively with numerous brushes, colors and patterns. Mistakes can be easily corrected and frustration is avoided. This way, children have no fear or inhibitions, they can get started right away and try out their artistic side.

When coloring, children (and adults too) can switch off wonderfully and forget about the stress of everyday life. The calm, meditative music by composer and producer Christian Maier also helps with this.
Your own works of art can be saved and sent - Grandpa and Grandma will be especially happy about that!


  • Easy to use. Optimized for children aged 3 and over
  • Countless brushes, colors and patterns to choose from
  • Discover 20 famous places on the world map
  • Lovingly illustrated coloring motifs by Karoline Pietrowski
  • 20 different coloring pages
  • No internet or WiFi required – paint wherever you want!