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Type: App
With our app "Little Construction Workers", 2-6 year old children can be real little construction workers. They can drive the excavator, mix cement, cover a roof, operate a crane or paint a house. All animations and functions can be controlled by the child themselves or simply operated by tapping, depending on the child's age.

There is so much to do on our little construction site! Children discover lots of funny things together with our construction workers, because something always goes wrong on the construction site. Water suddenly sprays out of the pipe, a construction worker falls into a hole or the wind blows the stones away because the cement hasn't dried yet. 7 interactive scenes contain over 100 interactive animations and surprises.


  • Control the excavator, fill the truck and repair the water pipe
  • Steer the crane and build a new roof for the house
  • Paint the house in different colors and unload the moving truck
  • Mix cement and build a real wall
  • Beautiful graphics, great animations and easy controls
  • No internet connection necessary – play anywhere!