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Type: App

The children’s app “Sleep Well Circus” is the Sequel to the most popular bedtime story of all time “Sleep Well” . “Sleep Well Circus” has a special magic and creates a unique sleeping atmosphere full of beautiful animations, gentle music and great illustrations.

Children enjoy the circus animals' tricks and put the animals to bed by turning off the light or blowing out the candle. Each animal has different tricks up its sleeve and would like to show it to the child before bedtime. "Sleep Well Circus" is the perfect app to get children in the mood for bedtime with cute animals, beautiful lullabies and great stories .


  • Stunning handmade design
  • Illustration and animation in 2D
  • Up to 11 interactive animals that want to be put to bed
  • Autoplay mode for the little ones
  • Choose between the winter and summer version
  • No internet required – play wherever you want!